[ see-kwes-trek-tuh-mee ]
/ ˌsi kwɛsˈtrɛk tə mi /
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noun, plural se·ques·trec·to·mies.Surgery.
the removal of dead spicules or portions, especially of bone.
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Origin of sequestrectomy

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What does sequestrectomy mean?

A sequestrectomy is a surgical procedure involving the removal of a sequestrum—a fragment of dead bone or other tissue that has separated from healthy tissue as a result of injury or disease.

Such fragments (the plural form is sequestra) often end up in a wound or abscess (a collection of pus).

Sequestrectomies can be performed on many different areas of the body, such as the arms, legs, feet, spine, and hips.

Example: The patient required a sequestrectomy to remove a bone fragment that was chipped during a particularly forceful high-five.

Where does sequestrectomy come from?

The word sequestrectomy is formed from a combination of sequestr(um) and the suffix -ectomy, which is used to indicate a surgical procedure that removes a part of the body (an appendectomy is the removal the appendix or a portion of it; a tonsillectomy is the removal of one or both tonsils). Sequestrum comes from a Latin term meaning “something deposited.”

Bits of bone or tissue that have separated from healthy tissue, such as through injury, are often described as necrotic, meaning that that portion of it is dead. Such sequestra can cause problems, including preventing proper healing of the affected area. They can sometimes be treated with medicine, but they often need to be removed through a sequestrectomy.

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What are some other forms related to sequestrectomy?

  • sequestrectomies (plural)

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How is sequestrectomy used in real life?

Sequestrectomy is a technical medical term.



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Which of the following things is most likely to be removed during a sequestrectomy?

A. appendix
B. bone fragment
C. tonsil
D. toenail