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[ pruh-see-jer ]


  1. an act or a manner of proceeding in any action or process; conduct.

    Synonyms: management

  2. a particular course or mode of action.

    Synonyms: plan, method, operation

  3. any given mode of conducting legal, parliamentary, or other business, especially litigation and judicial proceedings.
  4. Computers.
    1. the sequence of actions or instructions to be followed in solving a problem or accomplishing a task.
    2. Also called subprogram. a group of statements that may be used at one or more points in a computer program.


/ prəˈsiːdʒə /


  1. a way of acting or progressing in a course of action, esp an established method
  2. the established mode or form of conducting the business of a legislature, the enforcement of a legal right, etc
  3. computing another name for subroutine

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Derived Forms

  • proˈcedurally, adverb
  • proˈcedural, adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of procedure1

From the French word procédure, dating back to 1605–15. See proceed, -ure
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Example Sentences

Binam is now at the center of a congressional inquiry into allegations of a pattern of nonconsensual gynecological procedures, including hysterectomies, performed on detainees at Irwin in recent years.

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These may work to address the problematic search warrant procedures that took place in Taylor’s case.

From Vox

The equations of QED made respectable predictions, they found, if patched with the inscrutable procedure of renormalization.

How to vote earlyEvery state handles its own elections, so early voting rules vary from state to state, just like voter registration procedures.

Administration officials have sought to keep politics out of the vaccine, arguing they are following all procedures.

Normal procedure is that any member country can request that a document be circulated, and the UN does it pro-forma.

“This [investigation] is part of routine procedure following the death of any firefighter,” he told The Daily Beast.

He takes great pleasure in demonstrating the monitoring procedure.

Anti-abortion organizations tend to tend to propagate the idea that the procedure is dangerous and unproven.

There is a procedure called “compassionate release” allowing terminally ill men to die at home.

Thereupon began a procedure identical to that which had characterized the outset of every successful case of the Chief Inspector.

The motives which led to this undertaking, and the reasons for my mode of procedure, may be stated in a few words.

The whole procedure—taking the cosmic view—was almost pointless, but it would make the botanist happy, at least.

But only a cloistered ecclesiastic can be held responsible for such military procedure.

But statutes which merely alter the procedure, if they are in themselves good statutes, ought to be retrospective.


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When To Use

What are other ways to say procedure?

A procedure is a particular course or mode of action. When should you use this noun over process or proceeding? Find out on

More About Procedure

What does procedure mean?

A procedure is a particular way of doing something, especially one that is usually repeated in the same way each time.

This is how the word is used in the phrases standard procedure and follow procedure, as in It’s important to follow procedure in the event of an emergency.

The word procedure can also refer to a particular course of action, as in The instructions list all the steps of the procedure. This is especially used in professional and technical contexts.

In a legal context, the word refers to the specific way that proceedings need to be carried out according to the rules.

In a medical context, procedure is used as a synonym for operation, as in I’m having a minor procedure done tomorrow.

In computers and programming, a procedure is a series or instructions followed in order to complete some task, often as part of a program.

Example: This is not proper procedure! Who’s in charge here?

Where does procedure come from?

The first records of the word procedure come from the early 1600s. It comes from the French term procédure, which has the same meaning. It ultimately derives from the Latin verb prōcēdere, which means “to advance” and is also the basis of the verb proceed.

A procedure is a way of proceeding—a way of taking action or completing a task. The word often implies that there is a specific plan or set of rules that need to be followed in certain situations. This is especially implied in phrases like standard procedure or proper procedure.

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What are some other forms related to procedure

  • procedural (adjective, noun)
  • procedurally (adverb)

What are some synonyms for procedure?

What are some words that share a root or word element with procedure

What are some words that often get used in discussing procedure?

How is procedure used in real life?

The word procedure often implies that there is a very specific plan or set of rules to follow. For that reason, it’s often used in serious contexts. It’s also commonly used as another way of referring to a medical operation.


Try using procedure!

Which of the following actions is not a way of following procedure

A. sticking to the plan
B. following the instructions
C. winging it
D. taking the required steps




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