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[ shok-er ]


  1. a person or thing that shocks. shock.
  2. a sensational novel, play, etc.


/ ˈʃɒkə /


  1. a person or thing that shocks or horrifies
  2. a sensational novel, film, or play
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Word History and Origins

Origin of shocker1

First recorded in 1780–90; shock 1 + -er 1
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Example Sentences

The only exceptions are the New York Islanders — a team the metrics have been dubious about for years despite several postseason runs — and, in a true shocker, the Vegas Golden Knights.

The shocker, of course, is up top — cornerback Ronde and running back Tiki Barber combining for a whopping 38 AV in 2005.

For starters, not many people know Stevie Wonder as a drummer, so it was a shocker.

From Time

Still, a shocker of a championship would go a long way in building LeBron’s closing argument in the twilight of his career.

From Ozy

The film is definitely slanted toward Mankiewicz, which is no big shocker.

From Vox

The Walking Dead's latest shocker was one no one saw coming.

The Wichita State Shocker, named WuShock, resembles a frayed yellow pencil eraser and/or Bart Simpson on meth.

But it was certainly no shocker when it dissolved in acrimony.

Notorious troublemaker Glenn Beck did not disappoint last week (shocker).

That this disheveled loon is played by Paul Rudd—with great conviction—is a bit of a shocker.

Since I have been a member of Parliament I have never seen him in the library without a shilling shocker in his hands.

Bank Restriction Note (Hone is said to have realised over 700 by the sale of this shocker), 28.

He jerked his head up and gestured with the shocker which had suddenly come unholstered.

The kid in black leather let his breath go and swore, slipping his shocker into its holster.

We all carry skeans, but I don't think there's a shocker in the whole camp, let alone a gun.


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