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[ sahyd-step ]

verb (used without object)

, side·stepped, side·step·ping.
  1. to step to one side.
  2. to evade or avoid a decision, problem, or the like.

verb (used with object)

, side·stepped, side·step·ping.
  1. to avoid or dodge by stepping aside.
  2. to evade or avoid (a decision, problem, or the like).


/ ˈsaɪdˌstɛp /


  1. to step aside from or out of the way of (something)
  2. tr to dodge or circumvent


  1. a movement to one side, as in dancing, boxing, etc

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Derived Forms

  • ˈsideˌstepper, noun

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Other Words From

  • sidestepper noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sidestep1

An Americanism dating back to 1900–05

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Example Sentences

It can be extremely awkward to ask a friend to put their mask on when they aren’t eating or to sidestep a hug from a loved one.

From Eater

Hirshland, for her part, sidesteps the issue in her tweet and doesn’t try to suggest what a divisive demonstration might look like.

Both ads sidestep seasonal cliches, albeit from opposite ends of the spectrum.

From Digiday

On the walk home through my Left Bank neighborhood, I sidestepped a restaurant that was packed both inside and at the tables set up along the sidewalk.

From Fortune

That’s enabled its permit customers to sidestep heavy fines while delaying introduction of low-margin EVs, and packing their fleets with lucrative, gas-guzzling SUVs, trucks, and vans.

From Fortune

But Pragnell is hoping Casa Bruja will sidestep the trend's downturn.

A man appears to sidestep Graham as she walks by, then begins to follow her.

Justice Thurgood Marshall saw this sidestep for what it was.

The only question now is whether Boehner has the onions to sidestep the radicals.

Sidestep snobby French cab drivers by hiring an iPad-toting chauffeur-driven car.

Rapid fire legs sidestep the etchings of industrious ants while silverfish are the boatmen trouncing human oars.

When you seek to escape you find yourself backed up to the wall with no chance to sidestep.

"I just somehow kain't git over the notion she ought to sidestep them little rocks and holes of her own accord," he exclaimed.

By the time Kinton's aging muscles obeyed his impulse to sidestep, the spear had already hurtled past.

It was advantageous to sidestep the Crown since a letter or document took half a year to reach Spain.


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