[ sing-gyuh-lar-i-tee ]
/ ˌsɪŋ gyəˈlær ɪ ti /
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noun, plural sin·gu·lar·i·ties for 2-4.
the state, fact, or quality of being singular.
a singular, unusual, or unique quality; peculiarity.
Mathematics. singular point.
Astronomy. (in general relativity) the mathematical representation of a black hole.
Usually the singularity .Also called technological singularity . a hypothesized future era or event when exponential improvements in computer intelligence and advances in technology will result in an acute change in human society and evolution.
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Origin of singularity

First recorded in 1300–50; Middle English singularite, from Middle French singularité or Late Latin singulāritās (stem singulāritāt- ); see origin at singular, -ity

OTHER WORDS FROM singularity

non·sin·gu·lar·i·ty, noun, plural non·sin·gu·lar·i·ties.
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How to use singularity in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for singularity

/ (ˌsɪŋɡjʊˈlærɪtɪ) /

noun plural -ties
the state, fact, or quality of being singular
something distinguishing a person or thing from others
something remarkable or unusual
  1. a point at which a function is not differentiable although it is differentiable in a neighbourhood of that pointSee also pole 2 (def. 4)
  2. another word for discontinuity
astronomy a hypothetical point in space-time at which matter is infinitely compressed to infinitesimal volume
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Scientific definitions for singularity

[ sĭng′gyə-lărĭ-tē ]

A point of infinite density and infinitesimal volume, at which space and time become infinitely distorted according to the theory of General Relativity. According to the big bang theory, a gravitational singularity existed at the beginning of the universe. Singularities are also believed to exist at the center of black holes.
Mathematics A point at which the derivative does not exist for a given function but every neighborhood of which contains points for which the derivative exists.
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