[ skee-er ]


  1. a person who skis.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of skier1

First recorded in 1890–95; ski + -er 1

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Example Sentences

The skiers were part of a group of seven caught Monday in the avalanche in an area known as “The Nose,” which lies between the towns of Silverton and Ophir, just south of Telluride.

My goal is to advance from an intermediate to an all-mountain skier.

Pro skiers Chris Rubens and Greg Hill teamed up with Salomon TV and Switchback Entertainment to break down avalanche-gear essentials for backcountry skiing.

Skinning is the preferred mode of uphill travel for most backcountry skiers.

Five years and several surgeries later, he became the youngest blind skier to descend the Big Couloir on Lone Mountain at Montana’s Big Sky Resort.

In 2007, Heather Mills—an amputee and alpine skier (and yes, the former wife of Paul McCartney)—danced on the show.

American skier Torin Yater-Wallace is taking full advantage of the free McDonald's available to Olympic athletes in Sochi.

The pride of Kathmandu is a cross-country skier named — I kid you not — Sherpa.

The skier most connected to that stratospheric rise is Bode Miller.

Steve Holcomb, considered one of the best drivers in the world, was previously a national-level alpine skier.

On the summit of a slope not far away they could see the figure of a skier, poised for a swift, downward flight.

She could visualize his annoyance when he returned home to learn that a mysterious skier had paid him a visit.

As a national sport it has had a great revival in recent years, and almost every boy and girl in the country now possess "skier."