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[ skim-er ]


  1. a person or thing that skims: an adept stone skimmer.

    skimmers who just glance at the text;

    an adept stone skimmer.

  2. a shallow utensil, usually perforated, used in skimming liquids.
  3. an electronic device used surreptitiously to appropriate information from the magnetic strip on a credit or debit card for illegal use:

    Authorities have verified that skimmers were secretly installed at several local gas pumps.

  4. any of several gull-like birds of the family Rynchopidae, that skim the water with the elongated lower mandible immersed while in search of food.
  5. a stiff, wide-brimmed hat with a shallow flat crown, usually made of straw.
  6. a woman's A-line dress with side darts that shape it slightly to the body.


/ ˈskɪmə /


  1. a person or thing that skims
  2. any of several mainly tropical coastal aquatic birds of the genus Rhynchops, having long narrow wings and a bill with an elongated lower mandible for skimming food from the surface of the water: family Rynchopidae, order Charadriiformes
  3. a flat perforated spoon used for skimming fat from liquids

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Word History and Origins

Origin of skimmer1

First recorded in 1350–1400; skim + -er 1; replacing Middle English skemour, skymour, variants of schumour, from Middle French (e)scumoir “ladle for skimming”; scum

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Example Sentences

When an oil spill happens in a body of water, booms, skimmers or sorbents are often deployed to limit the spread of hydrocarbons on the surface.

He and his team use floating nets with booms similar to those used to contain oil spills—or a net that resembles a modified swimming pool skimmer.

From Time

Skimmers can use a wide array of devices to snoop on your info, so it’s important to consider all the potential attack vectors.

Even the lightest skimmer of headlines has probably heard by now about the Great Resignation.

From Quartz

There are also a few up-front costs you must think about, such as getting a ladder, a pool cover, pool skimmer and net, and other essential pool accessories.

And third, the baskets make it a hell of a lot easier to place and remove the food than even the nicest wok skimmer.

But Times Skimmer is offered as part of the Web site, in effect an alternative interface.

But one boat yet remained missing, and in vain the survivors were questioned as to what had become of the Skimmer of the Sea.

Where a small family desires to use the cream for coffee, the skimmer shown in the sketch is very handy.

She again took up the shining skimmer, held it beneath the pump, and began anew.

Take them out of the fat with a skimmer and lay them on brown paper for a moment to free them from grease, then serve them hot.

"Both can be explained," returned the Skimmer, motioning to his companion to follow to the tanrail.


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