[ skim-er ]
/ ˈskɪm ər /
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a person or thing that skims: skimmers who just glance at the text; an adept stone skimmer.
a shallow utensil, usually perforated, used in skimming liquids.
an electronic device used surreptitiously to appropriate information from the magnetic strip on a credit or debit card for illegal use: Authorities have verified that skimmers were secretly installed at several local gas pumps.
any of several gull-like birds of the family Rynchopidae, that skim the water with the elongated lower mandible immersed while in search of food.
a stiff, wide-brimmed hat with a shallow flat crown, usually made of straw.
a woman's A-line dress with side darts that shape it slightly to the body.
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Origin of skimmer

First recorded in 1350–1400; skim + -er1; replacing Middle English skemour, skymour, variants of schumour, from Middle French (e)scumoir “ladle for skimming”; see scum
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How to use skimmer in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for skimmer

/ (ˈskɪmə) /

a person or thing that skims
any of several mainly tropical coastal aquatic birds of the genus Rhynchops, having long narrow wings and a bill with an elongated lower mandible for skimming food from the surface of the water: family Rynchopidae, order Charadriiformes
a flat perforated spoon used for skimming fat from liquids
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