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verb (used without object)
  1. to splash or move through water, mud, or slush.

  2. (of a liquid) to move about actively within a container.

verb (used with object)
  1. to stir or splash (something) around in a fluid: to slosh the mop in the pail.

  2. to splash (liquid) clumsily or haphazardly: She sloshed tea all over her new suit. They sloshed the paint over the wall.

  1. watery mire or partly melted snow; slush.

  2. the lap or splash of liquid: the slosh of waves against the shore.

  1. a small quantity of liquid: a slosh of milk in the pail.

  2. a watery or weak drink.

Origin of slosh

1805–15; perhaps blend of slop1 and slush

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How to use slosh in a sentence

  • And when he'd move they'd squeak, and make eyes at him as they went up to the slosh.

    Roads of Destiny | O. Henry

British Dictionary definitions for slosh


/ (slɒʃ) /

  1. watery mud, snow, etc

  2. British slang a heavy blow

  1. the sound of splashing liquid

  2. a popular dance with a traditional routine of steps, kicks, and turns performed in lines

  1. (tr; foll by around, on, in, etc) informal to throw or pour (liquid)

  2. (when intr, often foll by about or around) informal

    • to shake or stir (something) in a liquid

    • (of a person) to splash (around) in water, etc

  1. (tr) British slang to deal a heavy blow to

  2. (usually foll by about or around) informal to shake (a container of liquid) or (of liquid within a container) to be shaken

Origin of slosh

C19: variant of slush, influenced by slop 1

Derived forms of slosh

  • sloshy, adjective

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