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[ smaw-lish ]


  1. rather small.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of smallish1

Middle English word dating back to 1325–75; small, -ish 1
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Example Sentences

Top marathoners tend to be smallish because it improves their efficiency, may limit injuries, and enhances thermoregulation.

On a smallish stage, the equation of Springsteen plus a guitar and a piano equals a secret whisper, proof that rock’n’roll, proudly the noisiest of genres, is in reality a code that needs no overamplification.

From Time

They hadn’t secured the proper clearances and the publicist had overhyped the smallish to-do as way more than it was.

Their lives had crossed through their political work and, because Waterloo is still a smallish town, their relatives had shared a room in the same nursing home.

At that time, I was writing to a smallish community of about 3,000 readers.

From Fortune

He owns a smallish vaporizer that still looks like it came from the future, and buys wax instead of bud.

Step 11: Return to your living room, and fall asleep as a low-budget cop drama plays on a smallish computer monitor.

Some smallish number does that now, but I daresay there are more Bettes and Boonstras.

It is comparable, perhaps, to climbing a smallish mountain before and after your day's work.

The plan will include tax cuts, business tax benefits, and a smallish public-works component.

Originally it had been two smallish houses: the two front doors still remained side by side, but only one was used.

He was a smallish man, well rounded, pleasant-faced, and inordinately proud of his name.

He was a smallish, springy, firm-faced man, devotee of the lady bearing his name and wielding him.

He put his hand into another capacious pocket, and drew forth a smallish, glass box.

There was another bear in Labrador—a smallish, rusty-coated, broad-headed, crafty cousin of the ordinary American black bear.


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