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Slang. the nose.
Informal. a snob.
verb (used with object)
Informal. to behave disdainfully toward; condescend to: New arrivals in the town were snooted by older residents.
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Origin of snoot

First recorded in 1860–65; variant of snout
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What does snoot mean?

Snoot is a slang term for a snob—a snooty person.

This sense of snoot is always used negatively. It refers to a person who thinks they have better taste or higher standards than other people and treats them in a condescending way because of it. The adjective snooty is much more commonly used than the noun snoot.

Much less commonly, snoot can be used as a verb meaning “to act snobbily towards.”

Snoot is also a slang term for a nose or snout (and in fact it originated as a variant of the word snout). This sense of snoot is usually used very informally, especially as a cutesy way of referring to a dog’s snout, as in Aw, look at you—I just want to boop your snoot!

Example: When it comes to dog snouts, I’m a bit of a snoot—I just love a big honking snoot and nothing else will do!

Where does snoot come from?

The first records of snoot referring to a nose come from the 1860s. It’s simply a variant of the word snout, meaning “the nose or muzzle of an animal.” The word snout comes from the German Schnauze, which is also the basis of schnauzer, a name for a type of dog. (The slang word schnoz, referring to a big nose, is probably related.)

Fittingly, a snoot is someone who looks down their nose at others—or turns up their nose at them. The word snot can also refer to a snob, and the adjective snotty can mean the same thing as snooty. Both snot and snotty are also nose-related, deriving from the German schneuzen, “to blow one’s nose.”

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How is snoot used in real life?

When it refers to a person, snoot is an insult. It’s used less commonly than the adjective snooty.



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British Dictionary definitions for snoot

/ (snuːt) /

slang the nose
photog films television a cone-shaped fitment on a studio light to control the scene area illuminated

Word Origin for snoot

C20: variant of snout
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