[snoot-foo l]

noun, plural snoot·fuls. Informal.

a sufficient amount of liquor to cause intoxication.

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Origin of snootful

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Examples from the Web for snootful

  • They're bringing a snootful of radiological hell, and that's the damned bayonet-line across the road.

    Way of a Rebel|Walter M. Miller
  • The rocket launcher hadn't retracted; there was still a rocket in it—with a snootful of Uranium 235.

    Way of a Rebel|Walter M. Miller
  • The truth of the matter being that he is just a plain, ordinary poop and needs a snootful as badly as ever man did.

    Right Ho, Jeeves|P. G. Wodehouse

Word Origin and History for snootful



"as much (liquor) as one can take," 1885, from snoot (n.) + -ful.

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