[ snuhk ]
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  1. a past participle and simple past tense of sneak.

usage note For snuck

See sneak.

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How to use snuck in a sentence

  • My dad ain't afraid of anything, so me and him both armed ourselves, and we snuck up to find out what had scared the hired girl.

    Chums of the Camp Fire | Lawrence J. Leslie
  • The Gophertown gent snuck up and tried to stick Billy up when Billy was readin' po'try—some of mine.

    Overland Red | Henry Herbert Knibbs
  • Before they left, the knight snuck outside, set his armor on the horse, and told it to ride back to the tower.

  • I snuck another look at him as I sped along the Disney back-roads, lined with sweaty Florida pines and immaculate purple signage.

  • The Mansion was full of little gimcracks and sly nods that snuck into your experience on each successive ride.

British Dictionary definitions for snuck


/ (snʌk) /

  1. mainly US and Canadian not standard a past tense and past participle of sneak

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