[ soo-vuh-neer, soo-vuh-neer ]
/ ˌsu vəˈnɪər, ˈsu vəˌnɪər /


a usually small and relatively inexpensive article given, kept, or purchased as a reminder of a place visited, an occasion, etc.; memento.
a memory.

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Origin of souvenir

1765–75; < French, noun use of (se) souvenir to remember < Latin subvenīre to come to mind, equivalent to sub- sub- + venīre to come Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˌsuːvəˈnɪə, ˈsuːvəˌnɪə) /


an object that recalls a certain place, occasion, or person; memento

verb (tr)

Australian and NZ euphemistic, slang to steal or keep (something, esp a small article) for one's own use; purloin

Word Origin for souvenir

C18: from French, from (se) souvenir to remember, from Latin subvenīre to come to mind, from sub- up to + venīre to come

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Word Origin and History for souvenir



1775, "a remembrance or memory," from French souvenir (12c.), from Old French noun use of souvenir (v.) "to remember, come to mind," from Latin subvenire "come to mind," from sub- "up" (see sub-) + venire "to come" (see venue). Meaning "token of remembrance, memento" is first recorded 1782.

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