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[ spahr-kuhl ]

verb (used without object)

, spar·kled, spar·kling.
  1. to issue in or as if in little sparks, as fire or light:

    The candlelight sparkled in the crystal.

  2. to emit little sparks, as burning matter:

    The flames leaped and sparkled.

  3. to shine or glisten with little gleams of light, as a brilliant gem; glitter; coruscate.
  4. to effervesce, as wine.
  5. to be brilliant, lively, or vivacious.

verb (used with object)

, spar·kled, spar·kling.
  1. to cause to sparkle:

    moonlight sparkling the water;

    pleasure sparkling her eyes.


  1. a little spark or fiery particle.
  2. a sparkling appearance, luster, or play of light:

    the sparkle of a diamond.

    Synonyms: glitter

  3. brilliance, liveliness, or vivacity.


/ ˈspɑːkəl /


  1. to issue or reflect or cause to issue or reflect bright points of light
  2. intr (of wine, mineral water, etc) to effervesce
  3. intr to be vivacious or witty


  1. a point of light, spark, or gleam
  2. vivacity or wit

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Other Words From

  • non·sparkling adjective
  • outsparkle verb (used with object) outsparkled outsparkling
  • un·sparkling adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sparkle1

First recorded in 1150–1200; Middle English (noun and verb); spark 1, -le

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sparkle1

C12 sparklen, frequentative of sparken to spark 1

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Synonym Study

See glisten.

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Example Sentences

This was just a dream, a sparkle in our eyes 10 years ago, that we would be able to sequence this many genomes.

Drawn by the sparkle and pizzazz, West Virginians made the Hollywood a huge success.

From Fortune

Despite the sparkle of the tech economy, there is no guarantee that the new jobs that might arrive will match that standard.

From Fortune

The fun part and being with their peers is where we’re seeing the sparkle come back in their eyes.

The crown jewel of India’s banking system is losing its sparkle.

From Quartz

Sitting in that plastic pitcher, she said, the water seemed to sparkle.

Travelers are in danger of losing the “sparkle in their eyes” if they know too much in advance.

Sascha Hertli, chief executive of Rococo Dessous, discovered the missing sparkle while a consultant in oil-rich Qatar.

I got back in shape when I moved to Los Angeles, and with that went most of my Roger Sterling sparkle.

But he took the “sparkle” just before driving Shrimpton down a narrow winding mountain road.

It warmed the heart of Marcelle, too, and made her cheeks glow and her eyes sparkle—and added a rosier color to her lips.

It certainly does not sparkle now, but it must have come of a witty stock, and have boasted a mirth-provoking pedigree.

The sunshine was hot, the snow was brilliantly white, and seemed to sparkle as if covered with diamonds.

Through the broad leaves of the trees showed the night sky, pale with moonlight and the sparkle of the stars.

But here the sparkle in the wine had died, leaving the cup that had brimmed flat and dull and only half full after all.


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