[ spesh-uh-luh-zey-shuhn ]
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  1. the act of specializing, or pursuing a particular line of study or work: Medical students with high student loans often feel driven into specialization.

  2. Biology. the adaptation of an organism or organ to a special function or environment: Basic biology suggests the selective pressures leading to convergent evolutionary specialization among desert-dwelling species.

  1. the act of being restricted to some specific, or the act of becoming specialized.

Origin of specialization

  • Also especially British, spe·cial·i·sa·tion .

Other words from specialization

  • de·spe·cial·i·za·tion, noun
  • non·spe·cial·i·za·tion, noun
  • sub·spe·cial·i·za·tion, noun
  • su·per·spe·cial·i·za·tion, noun

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How to use specialization in a sentence

  • Yet the study is one in which even greater specialisation is needed than in respect of comparative osteology.

    Prehistoric Man | W. L. H. Duckworth
  • In the course of specialisation of function, as I have outlined, just as other organs arose, so arose sex-differentiation.

  • One of these circumstances was the specialisation of the learning of the time.

  • At the same time his views on the specialisation of training are far from extreme.

    Sir John French | Cecil Chisholm
  • Specialisation may lead to madness, as electricity may lead to death.