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[spee-shee, -see]
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  1. coined money; coin.
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  1. in specie,
    1. in the same kind.
    2. (of money) in coin.
    3. in a similar manner; in kind: Such treachery should be repaid in specie.
    4. Law.in the identical shape, form, etc., as specified.
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Origin of specie1

1545–55; < Latin (in) speciē (in) kind; see species
Can be confusedspecie species specious


[spee-shee, -see]
noun Nonstandard.
  1. species.
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Origin of specie2

by back formation, construing species as plural noun
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salary, wage, wealth, pay, bill, cash, payment, fund, capital, property, check, wad, gold, dough, treasure, finances, resources, gravy, funds, bankroll

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Historical Examples

  • Specie payments were suspended, and business was all but paralyzed.

    The Story of the Upper Canada Rebellion, Volume 1

    John Charles Dent

  • There is three hundred pounds sent at present, mostly in specie.

  • It seems that they've had a deal of trouble to get the amount in specie.

  • For us to pay a foreigner with specie is like paying him with coffee.

  • This amount was remitted, in the twelve months preceding the war, in specie.

    Albert Gallatin

    John Austin Stevens

British Dictionary definitions for specie


  1. coin money, as distinguished from bullion or paper money
  2. in specie
    1. (of money) in coin
    2. in kind
    3. lawin the actual form specified
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Word Origin

C16: from the Latin phrase in speciē in kind
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Word Origin and History for specie


1610s, "coin, money in the form of coins" (as opposed to paper money or bullion), from phrase in specie "in the real or actual form" (1550s), from Latin in specie "in kind," ablative of species "kind, form, sort" (see species).

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