[ spig-uht ]
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  1. a small peg or plug for stopping the vent of a cask.

  2. a peg or plug for stopping the passage of liquid in a faucet or cock.

  1. a faucet or cock for controlling the flow of liquid from a pipe or the like.

  2. the end of a pipe that enters the enlarged end of another pipe to form a joint.

Origin of spigot

1350–1400; Middle English spigot, perhaps <Old French *espigot<Old Provençal espig(a) (<Latin spīca ear of grain; see spica) + Old French -ot diminutive suffix

regional variation note For spigot

3. See faucet.

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How to use spigot in a sentence

  • So saying, he rang the bell as if the house was his own, and desired spigot to show him the way to his servant.

  • He had corked three, but Jawleyford re-corked them, and spigot was now reproducing them to our friends.

  • spigot, at this moment entering to announce tea and coffee, was interrupted in his oration by Sponge demanding some brandy.

  • Represents a longitudinal section of a spigot and Faucet Pipe.

  • spigot at last put an end to their efforts by announcing that 'tea and coffee were ready!'

British Dictionary definitions for spigot


/ (ˈspɪɡət) /

  1. a stopper for the vent hole of a cask

  2. a tap, usually of wood, fitted to a cask

  1. a US name for tap 2 (def. 1)

  2. a short cylindrical projection on one component designed to fit into a hole on another, esp the male part of a joint (spigot and socket joint) between two pipes

Origin of spigot

C14: probably from Old Provençal espiga a head of grain, from Latin spīca a point

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