[ spilt ]
/ spɪlt /


a simple past tense and past participle of spill1.

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Related formsun·spilt, adjective


[ spil ]
/ spɪl /

verb (used with object), spilled or spilt, spill·ing.

verb (used without object), spilled or spilt, spill·ing.

(of a liquid, loose particles, etc.) to run or escape from a container, especially by accident or in careless handling.


Origin of spill

before 950; 1920–25 for def 6; Middle English spillen to kill, destroy, shed (blood), Old English spillan to kill; cognate with Middle High German, Middle Dutch spillen; akin to spoil

Related formsspill·a·ble, adjective, nounnon·spill·a·ble, adjectiveun·spilled, adjective

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/ (spɪlt) /


a past tense and past participle of spill 1


/ (spɪl) /

verb spills, spilling, spilt or spilled (mainly tr)


Derived Formsspiller, noun

Word Origin for spill

Old English spillan to destroy; related to spildan, Old High German spaltan to split; see spoil


/ (spɪl) /


a splinter of wood or strip of twisted paper with which pipes, fires, etc, are lit
a small peg or rod made of metal

Word Origin for spill

C13: of Germanic origin; compare Old High German spilla, Middle Dutch spile stake

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Idioms and Phrases with spilt


In addition to the idiom beginning with spill

  • spill the beans

also see:

  • shed (spill) blood
  • take a spill
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