or spin·off

[ spin-awf, -of ]
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  1. Commerce. a process of reorganizing a corporate structure whereby the capital stock of a division or subsidiary of a corporation or of a newly affiliated company is transferred to the stockholders of the parent corporation without an exchange of any part of the stock of the latter.: Compare carveout (def. 1), split-off (def. 3), split-up (def. 3).

  2. any product that is an adaption, outgrowth, or development of another similar product:The paperback is a spin-off from the large hardcover encyclopedia.

  1. a secondary or incidental product or effect derived from technological development in a somewhat unrelated area.

Origin of spin-off

First recorded in 1945–50; noun use of verb phrase spin off

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spin off

  1. (tr, preposition) to turn (a part of a business enterprise) into a separate company

  1. any product or development derived incidentally from the application of existing knowledge or enterprise

  2. a book, film, or television series derived from a similar successful book, film, or television series

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Derive or produce from something else, especially a small part from a larger whole. For example, The corporation decided to spin off the automobile parts division, or Her column was spun off from her book on this subject. The expression transfers the throwing off by centrifugal force, as in spinning, to other enterprises. [Mid-1900s]

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