[ splen-duh nt ]
/ ˈsplɛn dənt /


shining or radiant, as the sun.
gleaming or lustrous, as metal, marble, etc.
brilliant in appearance, color, etc.; gorgeous; magnificent; splendid.
eminent; illustrious.

Origin of splendent

1425–75; late Middle English < Latin splendent- (stem of splendēns), present participle of splendēre to shine; see -ent


splen·dent·ly, adverb
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Examples from the Web for splendent

  • They had enticed the splendent light-fish into their caverns to give illumination.

  • To the outer glozing fame That now attires us splendent, we may add Inmost applause.

    The Mortal Gods and Other Plays|Olive Tilford Dargan
  • They brought her mother's saddle, splendent with gems and gold, set it on the great red horse, and lifted her to it.

    The Princess and Curdie|George MacDonald

British Dictionary definitions for splendent

/ (ˈsplɛndənt) /

adjective archaic

shining brightly; lustrousa splendent sun
famous; illustrious

Word Origin for splendent

C15: from Latin splendēns brilliant, from splendēre to shine
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