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/ spɔɪlz /

plural noun

  1. sometimes singular valuables seized by violence, esp in war
  2. the rewards and benefits of public office regarded as plunder for the winning party or candidate See also spoils system

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Example Sentences

Yet instead of disbelieving that the facts will set us free, we cling to them as if they were spoils of war.

Over time, old rivalries began to deepen, particularly over the spoils of corruption.

Perhaps worst of all, this scramble for spoils raises the value of gains even as it lowers the bar for action.

Meanwhile, ISIS amassed resources, money, and heavy weapons brought back as spoils from their military victories in Iraq.

“Umar al-Shishani inspects spoils of war…Looks quite pleased,” the tweet said.

All insert yis (or yes) before parde; which spoils both sense and metre.

All insert white after Was, which spoils metre and story (see l. 948).

With his vast income, acquired from the spoils of nearly every country in Europe, he maintained his high rank in lordly fashion.

And your spoils shall be gathered together as the locusts are gathered, as when the ditches are full of them.

She is one of those lovable little creatures that every body spoils!


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