spontaneous recovery

[ spon-tey-nee-uhs ri-kuhv-uh-ree ]

  1. Psychology. the unexpected revival of a conditioned response after its association with the stimulus has been erased: Spontaneous recovery was first demonstrated by Pavlov (1927) and has since been repeated in several studies.: See also conditioning (def. 2).

Origin of spontaneous recovery

First recorded in 1935–40

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How to use spontaneous recovery in a sentence

  • In country districts the process of disintegration was immediate, the spontaneous recovery was slow.

    Lectures on the French Revolution | John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton
  • In vigorous young animals that are left to run at pasture when so mildly affected, spontaneous recovery occurs.

    Lameness of the Horse | John Victor Lacroix
  • In such instances one leg only was so mutilated and in most instances, it is reported that spontaneous recovery took place.

    Lameness of the Horse | John Victor Lacroix
  • Where a spontaneous recovery does not take place, these p. 184prove fatal in a short time.

  • After twenty-four hours the paralysis began to recede, and in a few days I had made a spontaneous recovery.

    The Electric Bath | George M. Schweig

British Dictionary definitions for spontaneous recovery

spontaneous recovery

  1. psychol the reappearance of a response after its extinction has been followed by a period of rest

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