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[ spawrts, spohrts ]


  1. of or relating to a sport none or sports, especially of the open-air or athletic kind:

    a sports festival.

  2. (of garments, equipment, etc.) suitable for use in open-air sports or for outdoor or informal use.


/ spɔːts /


  1. modifier relating to, concerned with, or used in sports

    sports equipment

  2. modifier relating to or similar to a sports car

    sports seats

  3. Also calledsports day a meeting held at a school or college for competitions in various athletic events

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sports1

First recorded in 1910–15; sport none + -s 3none

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Example Sentences

Even Ted Lasso, the rare noteworthy sitcom that could be described as realistic, is an aspirational pro-sports fantasy based on pre-existing intellectual property.

From Time

This much potential revenue is beckoning online sportsbooks and betting organizations to allocate more money to their marketing budgets, which has boded well for sports media companies and even non-sports endemic brands alike.

From Digiday

The attendance is set by each championship sports committee that oversees a specific championship.

Activision Blizzard first created the Overwatch League to be a city-based, international sports league that mirrored format of traditional sports franchises.

According to the city’s office of sports and entertainment, last year’s matchup brought in 160,000 out-of-town visitors and generated an economic impact of $33 million.

Michael Steinbrick, a personal trainer with New York Sports Clubs, says he can always spot a newbie.

Local life in these places is not defined by their sports team or by their natural beauty—by things only available locally.

Ramos was a fervent Mets fan and he would often talk to the students about sports.

Many of the women arrived in the United States as part of sports and religious delegations.

His constant worship of his wife stands in stark contrast to scandals of the domestic nature in other sports.

Parliament of England ordered the Book of Sports to be burned by the common hangman.

She would not join the groups in their sports and bouts, but intoxicated with her newly conquered power, she swam out alone.

“But we ought to pony up the money for his support like good sports,” said Darry, continuing to growl.

The girl was dressed in a pearl grey and pink sports coat, with a large black hat, and carried a silver chain handbag.

To hunt, or follow the field sports, in a pursuit which is the track of blood, disgusts the true admirer of gentle breeding.


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