[ spring-ee ]
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adjective,spring·i·er, spring·i·est.
  1. characterized by spring or elasticity; flexible; resilient: He walks with a springy step.

  2. (of land) abounding in or having springs of water.

Origin of springy

First recorded in 1585–95; spring + -y1

Other words for springy

Other words from springy

  • spring·i·ly, adverb
  • spring·i·ness, noun

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How to use springy in a sentence

  • The drain clogs in the shower every few days, and the clump of tangled brown hair is springy between my fingers.

  • To the left of us a horse snorted nervously; we heard him trot with high, springy strides to the end of his rope, and snort again.

    Raw Gold | Bertrand W. Sinclair
  • He walks with head thrown back, and shoulders squared; his step is firm and springy.

    Friend Mac Donald | Max O'Rell
  • It's just as warm and nice as can be out-of-doors, real springy, and I know the way to the wood lot.

  • It was as warm and springy, and smelt as deliciously, as a morning in May.

    Davy and The Goblin | Charles E. Carryl
  • The dry, springy turf had become a swamp, and phantom-like wreaths of mist blurred and saddened the landscape.

    The New Tenant | E. Phillips Oppenheim

British Dictionary definitions for springy


/ (ˈsprɪŋɪ) /

adjectivespringier or springiest
  1. possessing or characterized by resilience or bounce

  2. (of a place) having many wells or springs of water

Derived forms of springy

  • springily, adverb
  • springiness, noun

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