[ sproos ]
/ sprus /

adjective, spruc·er, spruc·est.

trim in dress or appearance; neat; smart; dapper.

verb (used with object), spruced, spruc·ing.

to make spruce or smart (often followed by up): Spruce up the children before the company comes.

verb (used without object), spruced, spruc·ing.

to make oneself spruce (usually followed by up).

Origin of spruce

1580–90; obsolete spruce jerkin orig., jerkin made of spruce leather, i.e., leather imported from Prussia (see spruce1), hence fine, smart, etc.


spruce·ly, adverbspruce·ness, nounun·spruced, adjective
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Examples from the Web for sprucing

  • He was helping protect the Yosemite Valley while he was sprucing up the hills of middle Manhattan.

    Keep Our Wilderness Off Of Wi-Fi|Michael Schulson|September 3, 2014|DAILY BEAST
  • “Jack is sprucing up for the girls,” observed Pepper, with a wink at Andy.

    The Putnam Hall Cadets|Arthur M. Winfield
  • Since his money-feathers were beginning to grow again he felt like sprucing about.

    Sister Carrie|Theodore Dreiser
  • "Sprucing up" is West Point for the morning house-cleaning in the summer camp.

    On Guard|Upton Sinclair

British Dictionary definitions for sprucing (1 of 2)

/ (spruːs) /


any coniferous tree of the N temperate genus Picea, cultivated for timber and for ornament: family Pinaceae. They grow in a pyramidal shape and have needle-like leaves and light-coloured woodSee also Norway spruce, blue spruce, white spruce, black spruce
the wood of any of these trees

Word Origin for spruce

C17: short for Spruce fir, from C14 Spruce Prussia, changed from Pruce, via Old French from Latin Prussia

British Dictionary definitions for sprucing (2 of 2)

/ (spruːs) /


neat, smart, and trim

Derived forms of spruce

sprucely, adverbspruceness, noun

Word Origin for spruce

C16: perhaps from Spruce leather a fashionable leather imported from Prussia; see spruce 1
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