square centimeter

  1. a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one centimeter on each side. Abbreviations: cm2, sq. cm

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How to use square centimeter in a sentence

  • They even simulated the air pressure inside the virtual room in which the virtual instruments were played, down to the square centimeter.

  • One barn is equal to 10-24 square centimeter, which is approximately the cross-sectional area of a typical atomic nucleus.

    The Atomic Fingerprint | Bernard Keisch
  • A pressure will be exerted upon each square centimeter of area depending upon the depth.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower
  • Express in grams per square centimeter and in kilograms per square centimeter.

    Physics | Willis Eugene Tower
  • This hole measures exactly one square centimeter in area, and is circular.

    Paint Technology and Tests | Henry A. Gardner