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[ skwee-ker ]


  1. a person or thing that squeaks.
  2. Informal. a contest or game won by a very small margin.
  3. Informal. a dangerous situation.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of squeaker1

First recorded in 1635–45; squeak + -er 1
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Example Sentences

The Meijer-Gibbs race was relatively close but not a squeaker.

The Ring Bone features squeakers so that every catch can be as intriguing as possible for your furry friend.

This rabbit has squeakers in its head, torso and all four appendages, each pitched to a slightly different note.

I’ve been making the strongest dog, Squeaker, help carry some of the food in the Approach.

This was true after Florida, Nevada, and even that home-state squeaker, Michigan.

Obama is more likely to win in a squeaker than with a Reagan-sized mandate.

The Diaz-Balarts, both in squeaker races, are fighting for their political lives.

Squeaker would lend me a guinea with pleasure; he is a large-minded man, I am sure.

And, in almost the same way, the bunny uncle had saved Squeaker, when his wooden house was blown over by the wolf.

So I set a trap and next night had a specimen of the Squeaker as well as a couple of the omnipresent Deer-mice.

The globes set up their seductive rhythms as before, but he could not hear them above the discord of his squeaker.

They tried to herd him into the first cave on the right, but he had remembered the squeaker; they could not distract him.


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