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[ stey-buh-lahy-zer ]


  1. a person or thing that stabilizes.
  2. Aeronautics. a device for stabilizing an aircraft, as the fixed, horizontal tail surface on an airplane. Compare horizontal stabilizer, vertical stabilizer.
  3. Nautical.
    1. a mechanical device for counteracting the roll of a vessel, consisting of a pair of retractable fins so pivoted as to oppose a downward force with an upward one, and vice versa.
  4. any of various substances added to foods, chemical compounds, etc., to prevent deterioration, the breaking down of an emulsion, or the loss of desirable properties.
  5. any compound that, when included with an explosive, decreases the ability of the latter to decompose spontaneously.
  6. a substance, as beeswax or aluminum stearate, added to a fast-drying oil paint to improve the dispersion of pigment.
  7. a comparatively large shock absorber for motor vehicles.
  8. Military.
    1. any of various devices or systems that keep a gun mounted on a moving ship, tank, or plane automatically aimed at its target.
    2. any of various mechanical devices, such as fins, or electronic systems that keep a shell, bomb, rocket, etc., aligned with its target.
  9. Navy. any of various devices or systems used to keep a submarine or a torpedo at the proper depth or in the proper position.


/ ˈsteɪbɪˌlaɪzə /


  1. any device for stabilizing an aircraft See also horizontal stabilizer vertical stabilizer
  2. a substance added to something to maintain it in a stable or unchanging state, such as an additive to food to preserve its texture during distribution and storage
  3. nautical
    1. a system of one or more pairs of fins projecting from the hull of a ship and controllable to counteract roll
  4. either of a pair of brackets supporting a small wheel that can be fitted to the back wheel of a bicycle to help an inexperienced cyclist to maintain balance
  5. an electronic device for producing a direct current supply of constant voltage
  6. economics a measure, such as progressive taxation, interest-rate control, or unemployment benefit, used to restrict swings in prices, employment, production, etc, in a free economy
  7. a person or thing that stabilizes
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Word History and Origins

Origin of stabilizer1

First recorded in 1905–10; stabilize + -er 1
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Example Sentences

If CNCs work like antifreeze proteins, they may be a better stabilizer, he says.

If CNCs do function the same way as antifreeze proteins, they’re a promising alternative to current stabilizers, he says.

This doesn’t reduce the activation your stabilizer muscles perform in those lifts, it just reduces strain on joints like your knees.

This multifunctional stabilizer can be used as either a stabilizer grip or a standalone tripod.

It can record high-quality and stable video in stunning 4K resolution and has a built-in Gyro stabilizer and in-body sensor stabilization feature to get the perfect shot every time.

There was one very large and easily identifiable piece of debris floating, the vertical stabilizer.

It eliminates the effectiveness of unemployment compensation as a built in stabilizer.

Not put on display in Recife was the one substantial piece of the A330 yet found, its vertical stabilizer.

Then, in order to secure a sufficiency of longitudinal stability, it is necessary to set the forward stabilizer at about 15.

Such decrease applies to both main surface and stabilizer, since both are fixed rigidly to the aeroplane.

Inside was a gyro-stabilizer to keep the whole device upright.

In fact, with only one trial I am convinced that it is going to be the best stabilizer so far on the market.

Do you think, Mr. Curley, that the little stabilizer has proved to be all that was claimed for it, sir?


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