[ stahr-geyz ]
/ ˈstɑrˌgeɪz /
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verb (used without object), star·gazed, star·gaz·ing.
to gaze at or observe the stars.
to daydream.
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Origin of stargaze

First recorded in 1620–30; back formation from stargazer
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What does stargaze mean?

To stargaze figuratively means to daydream, as in Staring at the whiteboard, Miguel was stargazing and didn’t hear anything the teacher said. 

Someone is said to be stargazing when they are staring at nothing, deep in thought. They may be staring out a window, out onto the horizon, or at something without really seeing it. 

Literally, to stargaze means to observe the stars. You might do this by going outside at night, away from lights, and just looking up at the stars. Some people stargaze as a hobby, meaning they track and observe patterns of the stars in the sky. They might use telescopes or binoculars or just their eyes. 

Stargaze is also used as an informal term for scientific research involving the solar system and outer space. By extension, sometimes astronomers, astronauts, and astrophysicists might be referred to as stargazers

Stargaze can also be used to mean to observe the stars in practicing astrology

Example: When Lauren is feeling sad and alone, she goes out to her backyard and stargazes for a bit.

Where does stargaze come from?

The first records of the term stargaze come from around the 1620s. It is a back formation of the term stargazer, which is literally “a person who stares at the stars.” Stargazer can also refer to an astronomer, astrologer, or daydreamer.

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How is stargaze used in real life?

Stargaze is often used to mean “to daydream,” but it can also be used literally to mean “to look at the stars.”



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“Jayden’s favorite summer activity is to camp on the beach and stargaze all night.”

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British Dictionary definitions for stargaze

/ (ˈstɑːˌɡeɪz) /

verb (intr)
to observe the stars
to daydream

Derived forms of stargaze

stargazer, nounstargazing, noun, adjective
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