or start-up

[ stahrt-uhp ]


  1. the act or fact of starting something; a setting in motion.
  2. a new business venture, or a new commercial or industrial project:

    a small, 5-month-old internet startup.


  1. of or relating to the beginning of such a venture or project, especially to an investment made to initiate it:

    high start-up costs for construction of a new facility.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of startup1

First recorded in 1550–60; noun use of verb phrase start up

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Example Sentences

A 2020 TechPoint report estimated that only 10% of west Africa-focused startups with at least one female co-founder successfully raised $1 million or more in the last decade.

From Quartz

Balderton, for instance, announced its Sustainable Future Goals with a bang at the startup event Slush in early December 2020.

Mighty Buildings is not the only startup doing 3D-printed homes.

The amount is sizable for a Series A in general, but supersized for a LatAm startup.

Today, those learnings have been formed into a venture-backed startup.

Imagine waking up to find a guy who looks like a tech startup employee eating your charred crispy leg.

McCaslin likened the energy at ARNN to that of a startup, with the handsome salaries to match.

One reason Israel is so successful in the startup world, says Ophir, is because its citizens are known for speaking their minds.

Michlin, who was looking for ideas for a new startup company, says he felt a lightbulb switch on over his head.

A small country of roughly 8.2 million people, Israel has been dubbed the “startup nation.”

Had I been condemned to death I would not have expected a man to startup and take my place.

Mr Startup was also a very good young man, but he was of a fiery calibre, whereas Frigidy was naturally mild.

Startup was already an open-air preacher, whereas Frigidy lacked nerve to speak a word above his breath.

He was a good young man, at peace with all the world—except Mr Startup.

On such an occasion as this no servant, no friend, no Mr Startup, was allowed to interfere with her filial piety.





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