[ steyt-wahyd ]


  1. extending throughout all parts of a state in the U.S.:

    a statewide search.


  1. throughout a state:

    It was applauded statewide.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of statewide1

An Americanism dating back to 1910–15; state + -wide

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Example Sentences

Maine’s weekly fall foliage report keeps tabs on the changing colors statewide.

A recent study by the Learning Policy Institute found students of color in San Diego Unified schools academically outperform their peers statewide.

The governor’s request — made in a call with superintendents statewide Friday morning, as well as in a formal letter — is an “expectation,” and not an order, according to spokeswoman Alena Yarmosky.

For no particular reason, he suddenly recalled the Fairfax excused absence policy — then imagined what it would be like to take that statewide.

State figures showed that some 140,000 students statewide, and possibly more, had barely attended online classes — or did not show up at all.

This is a state, after all, where Duke, in his statewide race for governor in 1991, received a majority of the white vote.

Donovan had been privately concerned that running statewide would hurt his standing back home.

In nearly every statewide or federal election where they were predicted to play decisive roles, independents under-performed.

Yes, the Republicans won statewide races in red states or in swing states.

The residents of Arkansas decide Tuesday whether to legalize the sale of an intoxicating substance statewide.

Distribution of cottonmouths in Florida is statewide, including the Keys and other offshore islands.

Civic federations of statewide influence have her help as member and officer.





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