[ ster-ee-oh-spuh-sif-ik, steer- ]

  1. (of a reaction) producing a simple stereoisomer.

  2. (of a polymer) having a regular sequence of configurations in space along the chain, resulting in the potential for close-packing of molecules and for partial or complete crystallinity.

Origin of stereospecific

  • Also ster·e·o·reg·u·lar [ster-ee-oh-reg-yuh-ler, steer-]. /ˌstɛr i oʊˈrɛg yə lər, ˌstɪər-/.

Other words from stereospecific

  • ster·e·o·spec·i·fic·i·ty [ster-ee-oh-spes-uh-fis-i-tee, steer-], /ˌstɛr i oʊˌspɛs əˈfɪs ɪ ti, ˌstɪər-/, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for stereospecific


/ (ˌstɛrɪəʊspɪˈsɪfɪk, ˌstɪər-) /

  1. chem relating to or having a fixed position in space, as in the spatial arrangements of atoms in certain polymers

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