[ ster-ee-uh-tahyp, steer- ]
/ 藞st蓻r i 蓹藢ta瑟p, 藞st瑟蓹r- /
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a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group: Cowboys and Indians are American stereotypes.
a set form; convention: Most important for lexicographers are the idiomatic stereotypes whose meaning cannot be inferred from knowledge of the meanings of the individual items.
  1. a process, now often replaced by more advanced methods, for making metal printing plates by taking a mold of composed type or the like in papier-m芒ch茅 or other material and then taking from this mold a cast in type metal.
  2. a plate made by this process.
verb (used with object), ster路e路o路typed, ster路e路o路typ路ing.
to characterize or regard as a stereotype: The actor has been stereotyped as a villain.
to give a fixed form to.
Printing. to make a stereotype of.
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Origin of stereotype

First recorded in 1790鈥1800; stereo- + -type


ster路e路o路typ路er, ster路e路o路typ路ist, nounster路e路o路typ路i路cal, ster路e路o路typ路ic [ster-ee-uh-tip-ik, steer-], /藢st蓻r i 蓹藞t瑟p 瑟k, 藢st瑟蓹r-/, adjective
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How to use stereotype in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for stereotype

/ (藞st蓻r瑟蓹藢ta瑟p, 藞st瑟蓹r-) /

  1. a method of producing cast-metal printing plates from a mould made from a forme of type matter in papier-m芒ch茅 or some other material
  2. the plate so made
another word for stereotypy
an idea, trait, convention, etc, that has grown stale through fixed usage
sociol a set of inaccurate, simplistic generalizations about a group that allows others to categorize them and treat them accordingly
verb (tr)
  1. to make a stereotype of
  2. to print from a stereotype
to impart a fixed usage or convention to

Derived forms of stereotype

stereotyper or stereotypist, nounstereotypic (藢st蓻r瑟蓹 藞t瑟p瑟k, 藢st瑟蓹r-) or stereotypical, adjective
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Cultural definitions for stereotype (1 of 2)


A too-simple and therefore distorted image of a group, such as 鈥淔ootball players are stupid鈥 or 鈥淭he English are cold and unfriendly people.鈥

Cultural definitions for stereotype (2 of 2)


A generalization, usually exaggerated or oversimplified and often offensive, that is used to describe or distinguish a group.

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