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noun British.
  1. a young bull or cow, especially one in its second year.
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Origin of stirk

before 900; Middle English; Old English stirc calf, equivalent to stir- (akin to steer2) + suffixal -c (see -ock)
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Historical Examples

  • "Thank you," said she very dryly, and she left me in the middle of the road, like a stirk.

    The Shoes of Fortune

    Neil Munro

  • At once the gallant private put down his burden, bandaged Stirk, and helped him into safety.

  • He then went to America and in 1646 obtained the master's degree at Harvard, apparently under the name of Stirk.

  • Sturk, stirk, sterk; a heifer or bullock about two years old: a pig three or four months old.

British Dictionary definitions for stirk


  1. a heifer of 6 to 12 months old
  2. a yearling heifer or bullock
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Word Origin

Old English stierc; related to Middle Low German sterke, Old High German stero ram, Latin sterilis sterile, Greek steira; see steer ²
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