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[ stok-hohl-der ]


  1. Also called stockowner. a holder or owner of stock in a corporation.
  2. Australian. an owner of livestock, as a rancher.


/ ˈstɒkˌhəʊldə /


  1. an owner of corporate capital stock
  2. a person who keeps livestock

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Derived Forms

  • ˈstockˌholding, noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of stockholder1

First recorded in 1745–55; stock + holder

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Example Sentences

So although people who own little or nothing in the way of stocks or houses haven’t seen their wealth increase the way stockholders and homeowners have, some of them have gotten jobs that they otherwise might not have gotten.

Models differ, but they generally assume big stockholders shoulder the lion’s share.

What prompted me to write about this deal, which has been covered extensively, is that AT&T is planning to trash the income of its retail stockholders by sharply cutting its annual cash dividend.

“Trust, But Verify,” Boice titled a spring 2019 Medium post advertising the company, which at that point was facing lawsuits in five jurisdictions over unpaid rent, wages and bills and his own lack of response to questions from stockholders.

That means stockholders will have to wait quite a while to evaluate the company’s real-world performance.

From Fortune

This was about the time a Texas lumbering company was becoming a major stockholder in Time Inc.

The largest single stockholder at Exxon, CEO and chairman Rex Tillerson, controls .04 percent of its stock.

Those corporations aren't losing in this process, so there's no loss corresponding to a stockholder's capital gain on stocks.

Suppose a stockholder buys all the stock of the other members, does the corporation still exist?

Lastly a stockholder who was present cannot complain that notice was not given to others; the objection is personal.

Under this system, each stockholder bought a certain number of shares.

If the company succeeded, each stockholder earned a profit based upon the number of shares he owned.

It is of a necessity that the stockholder should remain tranquil.


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