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[ stop-er ]


  1. a person or thing that stops.
  2. a plug, cork, bung, or other piece for closing a bottle, tube, drain, or the like.
  3. Informal. something or someone that commands attention, as an unusual window display or a flamboyant person.
  4. Cards. a card in a suit that prevents the successive taking of all tricks in the suit by the opponents.
  5. Baseball Slang. a formidably and consistently effective pitcher counted on to win, as a team's best starting pitcher or a superior reliever often called on to preserve a victory; pitching ace.

verb (used with object)

  1. to close, secure, or fit with a stopper.


/ ˈstɒpə /


  1. Alsostoppleˈstɒpəl a plug or bung for closing a bottle, pipe, duct, etc
  2. a person or thing that stops or puts an end to something
  3. bridge another name for stop


  1. Alsostopple tr to close or fit with a stopper

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Other Words From

  • stopper·less adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of stopper1

First recorded in 1470–80; stop + -er 1

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Example Sentences

Long’s Vintner Select line is only available online, but he has recently released a cabernet sauvignon and a chardonnay to national distribution, under a unique twist-off cork stopper.

A proprietary stopper replaces the traditional cork at the top of the bottle, allowing the bottle to interface with the system’s main piece.

If teams want someone a little bit older, they can go with Clark, a defensive stopper.

It also comes with a workout mat and a set of wheel stoppers.

From Fortune

On the bottom of the Toddy there is a filter and a stopper that keeps the coffee in the container.

We decided to do some hitchhiking or become what the locals called an “auto-stopper.”

Spill stopper  This is a silicone lid that sits on top of your pots and prevents them from boiling over.

First, it's a conversation stopper, especially in the United States.

On the show-stopper "Turn It Off," sung by a closeted missionary struggling with his sexuality.

This is an effortless show-stopper and the leftovers make for fabulous sandwiches, too.

When we lift the stopper the fluid for a moment falls straight down through the opening.

It is so heavy that an ordinary cork would soon be forced out by it, therefore an iron stopper must be screwed in.

If live grasshoppers, or similar bait, is desired the cork can be used unnotched to form a watertight stopper.

Not infrequently one end of the handle terminated in a tobacco stopper.

If a stopper is used, the workman must see that it is taken out.





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