[ strey-toh-vol-key-noh, strat-oh- ]

noun,plural stra·to·vol·ca·noes, stra·to·vol·ca·nos.Geology.
  1. a conical volcano with a sloping profile, often very grand in size, having been formed by alternating layers of lava and fragmental material such as ash and cinders.: Compare cinder cone, shield volcano.

Origin of stratovolcano

First recorded in 1890–95; strato- + volcano; translation of German Stratovulkan
  • Also called com·pos·ite vol·ca·no [kuhm-poz-it vol-key-noh] /kəmˈpɒz ɪt vɒlˌkeɪ noʊ/ .

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Scientific definitions for stratovolcano


[ străt′ō-vŏl-kā ]

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