[strahy-ey-shuh n]
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  1. striated condition or appearance.
  2. a stria; one of many parallel striae.
  3. Geology. any of a number of scratches or parallel grooves on the surface of a rock, resulting from the action of moving ice, as of a glacier.
  4. Cell Biology. any of the alternating light and dark crossbands that are visible in certain muscle fibers, especially of voluntary muscles, and are produced by the distribution of contractile proteins.

Origin of striation

First recorded in 1840–50; striate + -ion
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  1. an arrangement or pattern of striae
  2. the condition of being striate
  3. another word for stria (def. 1)
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Word Origin and History for striation

1849, from Modern Latin stria "strip, streak," in classical Latin "furrow, channel, flute of a column;" cognate with Dutch striem, Old High German strimo, German strieme "stripe, streak," from PIE root *streig- (see strigil).

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striation in Medicine


  1. The state of being striated or having striae.
  2. A stria.
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striation in Science


  1. One of multiple, usually parallel grooves or scratches on a rock surface, produced by abrasion associated with glacial movement, stream flow, a geologic fault, or meteoric impact. See more at glacial striation shatter cone slickenside.
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