[ strahy-ker ]
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  1. a person or thing that strikes.

  2. a worker who is on strike.

  1. the clapper in a clock that strikes the hours or rings an alarm.

  2. U.S. Army. a private who acts as a voluntary paid servant to a commissioned officer.

  3. U.S. Navy. an enlisted person in training for a specific technical rating.

  4. a person who strikes fish, whales, etc., with a spear or harpoon.

  5. Whaling. a harpoon.

  6. Soccer. one of the attacking forwards.

Origin of striker

1350–1400; 1840–50 for def. 2; Middle English; see strike, -er1

Other words from striker

  • an·ti·strik·er, noun
  • non·strik·er, noun

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How to use striker in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for striker


/ (ˈstraɪkə) /

  1. a person who is on strike

  2. the hammer in a timepiece that rings a bell or alarm

  1. any part in a mechanical device that strikes something, such as the firing pin of a gun

  2. soccer informal an attacking player, esp one who generally positions himself near his opponent's goal in the hope of scoring

  3. cricket the batsman who is about to play a ball

    • a person who harpoons whales or fish

    • the harpoon itself

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