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  1. A section of the orchestra containing the stringed musical instruments — those played by making stretched strings vibrate. In most stringed instruments, the musician draws a bow over the strings; violins , violas , cellos , and bass viols are played in this way. Other stringed instruments are played by plucking the strings; these include the banjo , guitar , harp , harpsichord , and ukulele .

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Example Sentences

These are longer than traditional ads, mini-stories, designed to pull at heart- as well as purse strings.

Paper flags of countries that have fought for freedom hang on strings from the ceiling like nationalist Christmas lights.

When the host is in a festive mood, entering customers are given strings of Mardi Gras beads.

The last time the debt limit was raised, this past February, Boehner agreed in the end to do it with no strings attached.

Meanwhile, Iran is offering Iraq everything and anything they need to fight ISIS with no strings attached.

Round her neck depended from a black velvet band, strings of diamonds of great size and magnificence.

You would laugh if you should see the strings of eggs hanging across this pony's back—yes, eggs.

The flues are subdivided into Diapasons, Flutes, and Strings, and we now proceed to consider each of these groups separately.

A soiled bonnet cap, untidy strings, or torn gloves and collar will utterly spoil the prettiest costume.

She was tugging at her bonnet strings, which were entangled in a knot, into which the cord of her eyeglasses had become twisted.





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