[ stuhd-ing-seyl; Nautical stuhn-suh l ]
/ ˈstʌd ɪŋˌseɪl; Nautical ˈstʌn səl /

noun Nautical.

a light sail, sometimes set outboard of either of the leeches of a square sail and extended by booms.
Also stunsail, stuns'l.

Origin of studdingsail

1540–50; studding (< ?) + sail Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for studdingsail

  • If there are any studdingsail booms on the lower or topsail yards, they must be triced up before reefing.

    The Seaman's Friend|Richard Henry Dana
  • We did so, and that so suddenly, that the studdingsail booms snapped like pipe-shanks, short off by the irons.

    Tom Cringle's Log|Michael Scott

British Dictionary definitions for studdingsail

/ (ˈstʌdɪŋˌseɪl, nautical ˈstʌnsəl) /


nautical a light auxiliary sail set outboard on spars on either side of a square sailAlso called: stunsail, stuns'l

Word Origin for studdingsail

C16: studding, perhaps from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch stōtinge, from stōten to thrust; related to German stossen
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