[ stuhd-ee ]
/ 藞st蕦d i /
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noun, plural stud路ies.
verb (used without object), stud路ied, stud路y路ing.
verb (used with object), stud路ied, stud路y路ing.
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Origin of study

First recorded in 1250鈥1300; (noun) Middle English studie, from Old French estudie, from Latin studium, equivalent to stud(膿re) 鈥渢o be busy with, devote oneself to, concentrate on鈥 + -ium-ium; (verb) Middle English studien, from Old French estudier, from Medieval Latin studi膩re, derivative of studium

synonym study for study

21. Study, consider, reflect, weigh imply fixing the mind upon something, generally doing so with a view to some decision or action. Study implies an attempt to obtain a grasp of something by methodical or exhaustive thought: to study a problem. To consider is to fix the thought upon something and give it close attention before making a decision concerning it, or beginning an action connected with it: to consider ways and means. Reflect implies looking back quietly over past experience and giving it consideration: to reflect on similar cases in the past. Weigh implies a deliberate and judicial estimate, as by a balance: to weigh a decision.


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British Dictionary definitions for study

/ (藞st蕦d瑟) /

verb studies, studying or studied
noun plural studies

Word Origin for study

C13: from Old French estudie, from Latin studium zeal, inclination, from stud膿re to be diligent
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Medical definitions for study

[ st怒d膿 ]

Research, detailed examination, or analysis of an organism, object, or phenomenon.
To research, examine, or analyze something.
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see brown study.

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