1. variant of sub- before sp: suspect.


abbreviation for

  1. strontium unit
  2. Belarus (international car registration)
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Word History and Origins

Origin of su-1

(sense 2) From S(oviet) U(nion)
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Example Sentences

Twenty-six years later, Su Meck is still learning about the family she raised and the husband she has no recollection of marrying.

He said Iraq had plenty of pilots with “long experience” flying the Su-25.

"We have a lot of strong fundamentals to support continued improving automotive sales," said GM senior economist Sue Yingzi Su.

Danny, the only child of Su Zhen, a seamstress, and Yan Tao, a chef, lived in public housing on the Lower East Side.

"Con no mas personas que con cinco seys que son el cabo de todo esto, los tomasen su mano y les cortasen las cabeas," etc.

Down in Kiang Su a scholar cut off his left arm and with the red blood wrote his appeal.

A mile before reaching Tuz we ran into the Aq Su, a large stream flowing through a narrow cleft in the hills.

Maledicat illum Christus Filius Dei vivi toto su majestatis imperio.

If his wondrous bow gandiva is the gift of gods in heaven, Karna's bow the famed vijaya is by Par'su-Rama given!