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[ suhb-stan-derd ]


  1. below standard or less than adequate:

    substandard housing conditions.

  2. noting or pertaining to a dialect or variety of a language or a feature of usage that is often considered by others to mark its user as uneducated; nonstandard.
  3. Insurance.
    1. not measuring up to an insurer's regular standards in undertaking risks:

      a substandard risk.

    2. pertaining to insurance written to cover substandard risks.


/ sʌbˈstændəd /


  1. below an established or required standard
  2. another word for nonstandard
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Word History and Origins

Origin of substandard1

First recorded in 1895–1900; sub- + standard
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Example Sentences

In South Africa, investigators found in September that 60 percent of “medical grade” face masks provided by companies hired for the task were substandard.

From Ozy

He concluded that lab conditions for making the kits were substandard and that contamination was the most likely cause of the many N3 false positives, federal officials told The Post.

Prison populations are sicker, on average, than the general population and health care behind bars is notoriously substandard.

From Fortune

It has startled Heiden how many received substandard representation.

Sinovac was not directly tied to any of China’s substandard vaccines, but the company has been prone to missteps.

From Fortune

The consequences of substandard teaching go far beyond whether college or a good job is in reach.

This building is at risk of erupting into flames due to substandard electrical wiring, SIGAR found.

Milam expresses a similar sentiment, dismissing the misconception that Web productions are substandard to traditional media.

Who will make sure that haste to satisfy the displaced does not lead to substandard building?

They continue to be bogged down with allegations of substandard mental-health care.

Get rid of the substandard wiring, the ancient, lead-leaching plumbing, the cracked tile and water-warped crumbling plaster.

Substandard wages provide only a substandard market for the goods and services produced by American industry and agriculture.

This is shocking evidence that large sections of the population are at substandard levels of health.

Americans do not regard jobs that pay substandard wages as productive jobs.


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