/ (ˈsuːtə, ˈsjuːtə) /

  1. a piece of luggage for carrying suits and dresses

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How to use suiter in a sentence

  • A comfort-loving dress-suiter like himself, playing Old Sleuth, when he ought to be home and in bed!

    The Drums Of Jeopardy | Harold MacGrath
  • Fremont has whirled back once more and controls suiter's Fort and Sonoma.

    The Little Lady of Lagunitas | Richard Henry Savage
  • The 1851 text often uses non-standard spellings such as visiter, suiter, persuit.

    Alonzo and Melissa | Daniel Jackson, Jr.
  • I opened my two-suiter and took out my toilet kit and went to the bathroom.

    The Gallery | Roger Phillips Graham