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[ suhm-uh-ree ]


  1. of, like, or appropriate for summer:

    summery weather; a summery dress.

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Other Words From

  • summer·i·ness noun
  • un·summer·y adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of summery1

First recorded in 1815–25; summer 1 + -y 1

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Example Sentences

Throw your bruised berries into a vinegar bath, then reap the rewardsTangy, sweet, and explosively juicy, shrubs are a delicious shortcut to making summery cocktails at home.

From Eater

Make the most of your zucchini bounty with these 6 summery recipesYellow squash.

The grill brings out eggplant’s best flavors in this colorful summer saladCooking the eggplant on the grill not only brings a gentle smoky flavor to the plate but also adds appealing grill marks and gives the dish a lighter, more summery flair.

Low temperatures are quite summery, near 70 degrees to the mid-70s.

The herb’s fresh zip makes it an excellent add-in to summery dishes, especially cooling summery ones for extra-hot days.

No doubt Alamuddin, being used to British weather, would likely still consider the warm September sun summery.

Or even going on what looks like a summery date with…oh dear, a guy in a mask who looks like Jason from Friday the 13th.

It was a look which suited Kate much better and weathered the summery temperatures more effortlessly.

Rivera was dressed—thank heavens, given his fondness for naked selfies—in a summery tan suit.

Some of the pieces had a summery feel, with models wearing white hand-painted boots and dresses.

Comparatively milder weather, but still the farmers we passed on the road were startled by my summery attire.

Coming closer Barney saw the skyline above it, hazy, summery, brilliantly luminous.

It was just this, the bright moonlight, the cloudless sky and the smooth, summery sea that made it all seem so unreal.

Not much longer could she go blithely along the summery paths of summer.

Nina had taken off her coat and was wearing a dress as summery in appearance as the garden.