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[ suhn-lit ]


  1. lighted by the sun.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sunlit1

First recorded in 1815–25; sun + lit 1
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Example Sentences

Near the end of the video, Shillinglaw appeared in a sunlit forest, wearing a collared shirt and a New Forests–branded jacket.

Near the end of the video, Shillinglaw appears in a sunlit forest, wearing a collared shirt and a New Forests-branded jacket.

Cases of malaria rose as mosquitos reproduced quickly in newly sunlit pools and people encroached into the forest.

With plate tectonics came shallow sunlit seas and lakes fertilized with nutrients weathered from continental rock.

That happens when ices on the sunlit sides of comets vaporize, giving them a little rocketlike boost in speed.

The one passion of my life lay buried in the sunlit forests of Brittany.

At first, his friends noted, he would simply ask his mistress to sit in a chair in a sunlit room.

A sunlit courtyard with a dry, cracked fountain at its center beckoned us to stop.

In a springtime landscape a young peasant girl is seated beneath a tree, looking before her over a sunlit plain.

With one hand he clasped her arm; with the other, in a superb gesture, he indicated the sunlit world outside.

Nigel drew back, and she stepped out upon the balcony, where Baroudi was leaning upon the railing, looking over the sunlit Nile.

He thought he heard the ripple of waves on a sunlit shore, and of wide-spreading trees which grew close to the edge of the sea.

The lady was sitting gazing out from her window on the second floor of the Hotel de Russie upon the sunlit tranquil turquoise sea.





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