[ soo-per-strey-tuhm, -strat-uhm, soo-per-strey-tuhm, -strat-uhm ]
/ 藞su p蓹r藢stre瑟 t蓹m, -藢str忙t 蓹m, 藢su p蓹r藞stre瑟 t蓹m, -藞str忙t 蓹m /
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noun, plural su路per路stra路ta [soo-per-strey-tuh, -strat-uh, soo-per-strey-tuh, -strat-uh], /藞su p蓹r藢stre瑟 t蓹, -藢str忙t 蓹, 藢su p蓹r藞stre瑟 t蓹, -藞str忙t 蓹/, su路per路stra路tums.
an overlying stratum or layer.
Historical Linguistics. a set of features of a language traceable to the influence of a language formerly spoken within the same society by a dominant group: English has a Norman-French superstratum.
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Compare substratum.

Origin of superstratum

1800鈥10; super- + stratum; cf. substratum
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British Dictionary definitions for superstratum

/ (藢su藧p蓹藞str蓱藧t蓹m, -藞stre瑟-) /

noun plural -ta (-t蓹) or -tums
geology a layer or stratum overlying another layer or similar structure
linguistics the language of a conquering or colonizing population as it supplants that of an indigenous population, as for example French and English in the CaribbeanCompare substratum (def. 8)
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