[ suh-pohz ]
/ s蓹藞po蕣z /
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verb (used with object), sup路posed, sup路pos路ing.
verb (used without object), sup路posed, sup路pos路ing.
to assume something; presume; think.
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鈥淲as鈥 is used for the indicative past tense of 鈥渢o be,鈥 and 鈥渨ere鈥 is only used for the subjunctive past tense.

Origin of suppose

First recorded in 1275鈥1325; Middle English supposen, from Old French supposer, equivalent to sup- sup- + poser 鈥渢o place, put鈥 (see pose1); compare Medieval Latin supp艒nere 鈥渢o suppose,鈥 Latin: 鈥渢o substitute, place below鈥


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How to use suppose in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for suppose

/ (s蓹藞p蓹蕣z) /

verb (tr; may take a clause as object)
to presume (something) to be true without certain knowledgeI suppose he meant to kill her
to consider as a possible suggestion for the sake of discussion, elucidation, etc; postulatesuppose that he wins the election
(of theories, propositions, etc) to imply the inference or assumption (of)your policy supposes full employment

Derived forms of suppose

supposable, adjectivesupposer, noun

Word Origin for suppose

C14: from Old French supposer, from Medieval Latin supp艒nere, from Latin: to substitute, from sub- + p艒nere to put
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see I suppose so.

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