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[noun sur-chahrj; verb sur-chahrj, sur-chahrj]
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  1. an additional charge, tax, or cost.
  2. an excessive sum or price charged.
  3. an additional or excessive load or burden.
  4. Philately.
    1. an overprint that alters or restates the face value or denomination of a stamp to which it has been applied.
    2. a stamp bearing such an overprint.
  5. act of surcharging.
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verb (used with object), sur·charged, sur·charg·ing.
  1. to subject to an additional or extra charge, tax, cost, etc. (for payment).
  2. to overcharge for goods.
  3. to show an omission in (an account) of something that operates as a charge against the accounting party; to omit a credit toward (an account).
  4. Philately. to print a surcharge on (a stamp).
  5. to put an additional or excessive burden upon.
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Origin of surcharge

1400–50; late Middle English surchargen (v.) < Old French surcharger. See sur-1, charge
Related formssur·charg·er, nounun·sur·charged, adjective
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expense, tax, payment, surtax, price, cost, overcharge, overload, extra

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noun (ˈsɜːˌtʃɑːdʒ)
  1. a charge in addition to the usual payment, tax, etc
  2. an excessive sum charged, esp when unlawful
  3. an extra and usually excessive burden or supply
  4. law the act or an instance of surcharging
  5. an overprint that alters the face value of a postage stamp
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verb (sɜːˈtʃɑːdʒ, ˈsɜːˌtʃɑːdʒ) (tr)
  1. to charge an additional sum, tax, etc
  2. to overcharge (a person) for something
  3. to put an extra physical burden upon; overload
  4. to fill to excess; overwhelm
  5. law to insert credits that have been omitted in (an account)
  6. to overprint a surcharge on (a stamp)
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Derived Formssurcharger, noun
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Word Origin and History for surcharge


early 15c., from Middle French surcharger, from Old French sur- "over" (see sur-) + chargier "to load" (see charge). The noun is also first attested early 15c.

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